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24 August
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Attn: as of 19th July 2007 this journal is closed

But all is not lost, find my new journal here and continue the fun :)

Read my journal at your own risk, not everyone agrees with me but everyone is entitled to an opinion. So whether you agree with me or not doesn't matter, make your opinions heard, just don't write off the thoughts and opinions of others as your own.

About Me, I live with Lee-Rae in an awesome apartment close to the city. I've completed my IT degree with majors in IS and SE, in addition to Honours in 2006. I have a pretty busy lifestyle but that's a good thing. I like to meet new people but you'll find I have little patience for idiots or overt arrogance. I've got big things planned for 2007 - more travel, lots of fun and better picture taking. My private life is my own, don't be surprised if you're not always let in on all the details. I have selective filters for who gets to read what, they are also prone to change every now and again.

Welcome to the Ali show :)

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